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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Queria dedicarle un espacio especial a todas las small businesses que considero unas JOYAS.

Everything about shopping small is 10x better.

1 - NIUDO: for the boho city hipster who has a resting bitch face but deeply cares about people's well-being and our planet.

Todas las piezas de Niudo son hechas de upcycled textile fabrics de una fábrica de ropa en la costa colombiana. Están hechas por mujeres cabeza de hogar y diferentes grupos de artesanos de la costa caribe.

Sus "chanclas" son hechas de llantas! 🤯

2 - Vemoc: for the one who's all about a statement yet effortless look.

Resaltando este tesoro Colombiano hecho a mano por artesanos de 5 etnias diferentes. Cada una de las mochilas y bolsos son únicos, buscando que quien compre cada pieza se enamore de su diseno.

3 - Wearing The Truth: for the girl who loves the hype but has the softest heart.

Nace de un pensamiento de querer recordarle a las personas, verdades absolutas que solemos olvidar ante una sociedad sistematizada. Recordando que siempre el amor, la amabilidad y empatía son la respuesta para llevar una vida mejor. Siendo una marca basada en lo que dice la biblia, buscamos llevar el mensaje de la verdad en cada prenda para que al portarla puedas impactar a los que te rodean.

4 - Timberfields Market: for the Wonderwoman

Finding wood that is beautiful in character and also, unique. April is hard-working, dedicated and passionate and Timberfields Market has become a part of who she is. She will continue to create and showcase the beauty of her designs and I highly recommend you check them out!

5 - Bonita Fierce Candles: for like literally, all your primas.

Is built for the next generation of Latinas. We celebrate heritage and home through Latina candles all while making sure we are sustainable & socially responsible. Through collective empowerment, eco-friendly offerings and charitable initiatives, Bonita Fierce Candles stand to represent the cultural crossroads of being Latina and American.

6 - By Creatively Victoria: for the most powerful woman you know

Is a little slice of an Etsy shop specializing in curated and made home + lifestyle goods. Founded by Victoria, a curly cue Latina, that is constantly daydreaming new creations centered on a particular mood or current favorites aesthetic. Made to sprout joy into your life, these goods are touched with love and a passion to create.

7 - Appaloosa Atelier: for the girl who thinks Jacquemus is overrated, and is right.

Handcrafted leather in Colombia, Appaloosa wow-ed me the minute I laid my eyes on their designs. Their edgy social & trendy designs are the next up & coming Jacquemus. Mark my words.

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